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    Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Angels Of Rawley Foundation Testimonials

Here are a few comments from some of our adopters about their ARF experience

Adopter: Abby G. & Family, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: The adoption application with ARF was very user friendly and asked many great questions someone looking for a dog should think about. I was very pleased with the response time about my application, they emailed me in less than 4 hours asking additional questions. I really appreciate that they want to make sure your home is suitable for dogs. Sending in videos of our home was a little tricky on my end but ended up working great! Once we had sent all the information we needed they were eager to set up a home visit so we could meet the dog we were inquiring about. (Holly) They spend about an hour and a half in our home and at the dog park with us and we fell in love and adopted our fur baby the same day! They also give you a nice little doggy bag with food, business cards, pamphlets and a few toys. ARF made the adoption process so easy and effortless! We love our new addition to the family!

Adopter: Travis & Caitlin H., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: We are so thankful to The Angels of Rawley Foundation for pairing us with our sweet fur baby, Piper (AKA Pinkie Pie).
My husband and I had been chatting about getting a dog for awhile and hadn’t even considered rescues. For some reason we were just set on finding a puppy.
We are so glad that we ran into this amazing foundation by chance at an event at Liberty Station! We didn’t even know it was going on, we just happened to be walking by!
Sweet Piper immediately caught our eye.
We found out she was a rescue from the dog meat trade in Korea and had just arrived in the United States.
I have NEVER seen my husband so quick to make such a big decision! It was love at first sight.
We have now had Piper for over 2 months and she is the biggest blessing of our lives! It took her awhile to come out of her timid little shell but now she is ALL dog and loves being loved! It’s amazing what love can do for these sweet animals.
We call her our little snuggle bug because she always wants to curl up next to use (or on us!)

Thank you Angels of Rawley for the work you do and for helping us find our most perfect fur baby!

Adopter: Maria S., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: I had a good experience adopting Alexandra Aka Lily. Stacie made it easy. Stacie was really good at providing me with information of how to adopt Lily.

Adopter: Chelsea C. & Family, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: We were so happy with the adoption process through ARF. We had tried multiple adoption events and shelters but they were just too chaotic so we started filling out applications online. Unlike many other places we applied to, Stacie was quick to respond and the application process was thorough but very fair. Fin (AKA Selleck) was brought to our home for a visit and I could tell how much Stacie cares for these dogs and wants to find them their best home. In the short time he was being fostered, Fin was clearly well cared for and he has adjusted to his new life quicker than we could have hoped for. He is the sweetest dog and I would encourage anyone with a lot of love and patience to adopt a rescue from South Korea. I will be happy to continue supporting ARF to save more dogs like Fin.

Adopter: Matt K. & Family, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: Our family really enjoyed working with Angels of Rawley on adopting Bolt (AKA Macintosh). They were very patient and made sure that everyone was on board. If we were ever looking for a dog, Angels of Rawley would be our first choice.

Adopter: Marie & Marley J., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: Marley and I can not thank Angels of Rawley enough for adopting Jax (AKA Riley) to us. Marley found him with you at a dog event and she knew she had to have him. So, I talked with the people of the organization about Jax’s story. They let us walk with him to make sure my husky, Marley really like him. They were helpful in all accounts.
The filing process was painless. Just a little long with the San Diego internet connection being slow. Haha. It really was easy. After an hour Jax was allowed to come home with us. That’s very good too. I believe Marley would have pitched a temper tantrum if we left without him. It’s been 2 months and we have been feeling so blessed to have such a well behaved boy who seems to only know love. He trusts everyone so I know he hasn’t been mistreated along the way.
Thank you Angels of Rawley!

Adopter: Liz and Ryan B., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: Angels of Rawley has been nothing short of amazing throughout the entire adoption process! From the beginning you can tell Stacie truly cares about finding a good home and a good fit for each dog. We knew from the moment we saw Finnegan’s picture on the website that he was everything and more. Stacie made the trip down to see us, and it was love at first site when we met Finn. We even kept his name because it suited him so well. He’s our little goofball. Now that the adoption process is technically over Angels of Rawley has stayed in contact wanting pictures and asking how Finn is doing which is beyond awesome. You can truly tell once an ARF dog always an ARF dog. I highly recommend Angels of Rawley to anyone looking for a new family member! Thank you guys!

Adopter: Kevin & Alexa W., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: Bella’s (AKA Moana) adoption process was about as easy and joyful as it could be. We had been looking to adopt for a little while but had a tough time connecting with different rescue organizations. We found Bella online and reached out to get some more information; we got a response that same day from Stacie, who answered all of our many questions and prepared us to meet our pup. We don’t live very close to Angels of Rawley, but Stacie was really accommodating and kind to meet us halfway so we didn’t have to make as long of a drive with our new puppy. We met Stacie and talked to her for a few moments before she got Bella out to meet us. We got to walk around with her, ask the rest of our questions, and connect with Stacie about what the pup liked, disliked, had been through, etc. She had all of the paperwork already ready to go, was thorough with all of the medical checks and microchipping, and even gave us the greatest “starter pack” for life with our new dog…some food, toys, a really handy bag holder for walks, and more. We were so thankful that our little pup was treated so compassionately and kindly before we even met her. She is now at home with us, where she loves running around chasing toys in the backyard (and in the house), sitting patiently for treats, and greeting us with what we call the “butt wag” whenever she sees us…that would be the tail wag that isn’t just the tail, but the full back half of her body whipping back and forth.

Adopter: Jay R. & Family, Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: The adoption process with Angels of Rawley Foundation was quick and simple. I was contacted the same day I submitted the application and we met her (Sophie AKA Mary Poppins) two days later. At the meet and greet the process went seamless. We were sent the adoption papers the night before and had our questions ready. Stacie was so friendly and knowledgeable about Sophie. Sophie quickly fell in love with our son and we were sold. The process could not have been better.

Adopter: Rebecca T., Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Comment: The adoption process with Angels of Rawley Foundation was great. I really like the idea that you brought the dog (Nikko AKA John) to our home so he could see & smell his new surroundings. It was a smooth process. Everyone at the organization has been helpful & friendly. I tell everyone I meet that he is a rescue from Angels of Rawley Foundation & I would recommend adopting a dog from you.


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